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One of my favorite activities - during my five years living in France - was visiting the lively authentic outdoor markets called marché aux puces or vide grenier, which is French for flea market or emptying the attic. Some of you might also have heard of the vintage and antique fairs called brocante.
Visiting the brocantes always filled me with excitement and anticipation. I spent many hot summer days in picturesque towns bursting with history and old time charm.

It is at a french village Brocante where I hand picked these lovely traditional vintage linen textile. They are wonderfully soft to hold in your hand; the more you wash them, the softer they become. They are a true find of high quality, and are sought after by collectors and naturally come with a «decent» price tag.

I turned them into unique throw pillows for you or to give away as a gift. These authentic woven red striped and monogrammed pillows can be perfectly matched with any style, especially with a French farmhouse decor.

The pillow has two red stripes running lengthwise down each edge.

Due to its vintage state, it might have small imperfections in the fabric like tiny spots or fading. But that is part of its history and charm. It will not however affect the quality or durability of the pillow.

I paired the vintage front with a red striped cotton back, which makes this pillow cover unique.

Front: Vintage linen, Antique Linen
Back: Red and cream striped cotton

50x50 cm

CLOSURE: Hidden zipper

Cream, White, Red

Machine wash at 30 degrees or hand wash.

Alexia Lundgreen Design

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