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Hi Norway

Sell your products in the Handmade in Norway Advent Calendar 2023

Choose your dates and prep your special advent offers. Your special offer/ promotion will then be included in our Advent calendar for 2023.

We will promote up to 4 separate maker's advent offers each day from 1st - 24th of December. This gives you the opportunity to put your products in front of our ever growing audience.

Each day from the 1st - 24th of December we will promote your advent offers on our Facebook page, to our Facebook group and on Instagram. This hugely increases the size of the audience that will get to see your products.


THIS IS THE 2ND STEP IN THE SIGN UP PROCESS - Please make sure you have selected your dates in the Advent sign up spreadsheet first.


How it works:

The offers will also be available to see for the whole period of advent on our website. With each drop of daily offers being opened up on the chosen date. All offers from previous dates will still be visible.

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Your products must be designed/ handmade by you.

  • Your products must be designed/ made in Norway.

  • You must provide your offer information and images by the deadlines shown in the sign up form. If we do not have this information, then your promotion will not run on your chosen date. In this case fees are non-refundable.

  • You are responsible for the sales and delivery of products.

  • Your offer must be easy to understand, and easy to make the purchase.

You have already added your dates to the signup spreadsheet, now select the number of dates you are paying for. If you have chosen just one day in the advent calendar then select (1) if you have chosen two dates, then select (2), and so on.

REMEMBER: Inner Circle members get the first date for free. So if you have only chosen one date then there is no need to pay anything here. If you have chosen two dates, then select (1), if you have chosen three dates, then select (2), and so on.


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