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Alexia Lundgreen Design

Lumbar Embroidered Pillow Cover - EMBROIDERED BOSPHORUS OCHRE

  • 55 Percent Cotton
  • 45 Percent Linen
  • Wool Backside
  • Pigment Print
  • 47 Cm X 28 Cm
  • Linnen Lining
  • Hidden Zipper
  • Embroidered

This special edition is only made to order, so you have to actually order it before I will embroider and assemble one for you. That makes it truly a special edition.

These pillow cases have a partially embroidered front with my unique pattern combined with a half linen back in solid dark blue. 

My Bosphorus pillows cases come in three different colours: Sapphire, Ochre and Peach. They have a unique pattern, which I have designed myself and is inspired by one of my father's childhood memories: 

The Bosphorus pattern tells the story of how the sunlight reflects on the water, on the strong currents of the straight that divides the city of Istanbul between its European side to the north and its Asian side to the south. As a small boy, my father crossed this straight when he, his friends and family visited the city's beautiful islands. This sounded like the start of a fairytale to me, so I closed my eyes and designed this pattern for my father, who later told me:

«The pattern makes me think back on how the sun made the waters glitter and sparkle like diamants, or even sometimes how it seemed like the moon had stacked a tower of silver coins across the straight between Europe and Asia».

So, if you buy an Bosphorus pillow case from me, you get a small part of an interesting story along with it. If you want to read more about my father's childhood memories and other parts of my family story – which inspires me in my designs – then please check out my personal website.

The pillow cases are all handmade by me in my own home in Norway, just outside the capital city of Oslo. I take great pride in carefully sewing and assembling each pillow case with care and love, so that you hopefully will be satisfied and happy to receive them. They are an all Scandinavian product; designed and assembled in Norway, printed in Sweden with labels from Denmark – inspired by the Orient. 

The pillow cases measure 18 x 11 inches (47 x 28 cm), all with double stitching to ensure a high quality product.
This Pillowcase has a hidden zipper.
Front side is printed, and partially embroidered. 
Back side is 100% Italian wool. Beacause of the wool, you should hand wash it or dryclean it only.
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