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Horsetail soap

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How horsetail benefits your skin?

1. Makes the skin tighter and firmer
Due to the way that horsetail helps to promote collagen, which is essentially the foundation of healthy skin, it will make the skin look and feel tighter and firmer. It can help improve elastin production for skin that is more supple and youthful-looking. 
2. Cleanses and detoxifies skin
Since it’s antimicrobial and antibacterial, it offers a superior cleansing experience for the skin. Using a cleanser with horsetail will also naturally unclog pores. You’ll feel like your pores look smaller in the process, which is a great benefit for those with oily skin and large-looking pores. 
3. Protect against free radicals
Free radicals in the environment can age and damage the skin. The natural antioxidant properties of horsetail make it one that fights off environmental damage. It’s also a natural source of so many vitamins, including calcium, vitamin C, and thiamine. Plus, the higher silicon content helps to contribute to the flexibility and resiliency of connective tissues for better-looking skin.  
4. Improves skin's texture and tone
With its skin smoothing properties and antioxidants, horsetail will help improve the skin’s overall texture and tone. You’ll notice fewer imperfections in your skin and feel more hydrated because of all the vitamins and mineral content of horsetail extract. 

Body soap, can also be used for the face, especially for couperose, acne,  sensitive, mature skin.                                                                          

INCI: olive oil (horsetail macerate), coconut oil, shea butter,  castor oil, sweet almond oil, horsetail infusion, lemongrass essential oil, sodium hydroxide                                                                                                

Weight: 120 g (+-20 g)

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