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Colour Drop - A monthly parcel of illustrated joy

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Monthly Art Subscription

Give yourself an extra reason to smile and unwind each month with a creative goodie box from me, Illustrator and Founder of Handmade in Norway, Kelly Palencia.

 Each parcel will include;

  • An A4 print from my ever growing catalogue of illustrations (regular price 290kr)
  • A mystery gift, which could be a bookmark, a badge, or one of my illustrated craft projects for example (regular price ranges from 50kr - 200kr)
  • A colouring page of the illustration print you have received so that you can colour it your own way and bring your own creativity to life.

The colouring pages are currently only available through this subscription service. But will be launched as a book sometime in 2023-2024.

Each month I will send a different illustration, making sure that you never get the same piece twice.

Your package will be sent out at the beginning of each month.

Kelly Palencia Draws

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