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Diamondcast Resin Stainless Steel Custom Rings

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Rings are Custom made to size!

Copy and paste the link below and go to Nordic Myst Designs Product page and click on Jewellery here you will find other options and prices available in the link below... if you would like to place an order:

Rings pictured are examples of Customers rings ordered and shipped!
These very unique rings are made from Alumilite that contains real diamond dust reclaimed from diamond cutters. Each ring is unique and hand-crafted to order a Certificate of Authenticity is included!  Most sizes are in stock! If not it can be ordered! Depending on type of ringcore will determine if the size needed is available and widths vary with style from 4mm to 8mm in width! 

Stainless Steel ringcore with Diamondcast Resin... price 935. kr. /  each!

Nordic Myst Designs

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