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Diamondcast Miniature Christmas Ornaments with Scroll Hanger

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Christmas Ornaments with Bling
These Christmas Ornaments are made with a very special process using real diamond dust in the mix to give that extra sparkle in their creation!

Sure to be a... Cherished Keepsake for the Christmas season for year after year. Many to choose from and comes in many colors!!  If you are looking for a specific color then I can send you pics of the selections available in stock of Diamondcast! Just send me a message.. Special Orders are Welcome!
Ornaments that give Sparkle and  Bling no matter what the season is... useful in many ways that will brighten your day! The Ornaments measure from top of Hanger to the Bottom of the Ornament approx. 10cm and with a width of approx. 2cm.
Keep checking back for additional colors!
Thank you for stopping by to see!

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