Art - Design - Crafts Oslo

Art - Design - Crafts Oslo

Art, design and crafts, each a separate topic, but all require the same passion and creative drive. That is why we create these events, bringing creatives into the limelight and celebrating our creativity.






There are three layers to these events, they compliment one another and all us to offer a more exciting event to you, our visitors.

We have two art exhibitions. Local artists can come and create an exhibition of their work, giving you the chance to see art that you would otherwise not see.

We have a market with 10-12 artisans, designers, and makers selling their handmade products.

And finally we have a popup shop, selling a selection of handmade products from up to 5 different makers.


These events will fill your senses with creative inspiration, and give you the opportunity to see a wide selection of locally produced, handmade products and art.

Our goal has, and always will be to support the local makers, in any way we can. Handmade in Norway is founded by a creative who understands the challenges of setting up and running a creative business.


Handmade in Norway is essentially a community, we are an active network that works together, to grow together. We know that by sharing the workload we can achieve more.

You will notice this when you visit our events. There is an energy there that you will not find at other markets. The energy comes from the heart of the community, from the people, the makers themselves and the real sense of kinship that we have. Our collective goal is to offer you the best experience when visiting our events, and we're all working together to achieve that, and of course we're enjoying the event ourselves. 

So, where and when will you find these events?

15th - 16th October  - Vulkan Oslo - Paguro Spaces, Vulkan 15.


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