The handmade revival is happening now!

This is a store dedicated to delivering the very best of handmade products from local Norwegian artists and artisans. We are uniting the designers and makers of Norway in this unique sales platform, both online and in person. Whether you prefer to shop from home, whilst on the go, or at a market, Handmade in Norway makes it easy to buy directly from the makers themselves!


Our Promise

We independently verify that all products available on this site are either handcrafted or designed in Norway. We also encourage our makers to source their materials locally.

Buying heirlooms and making memories with each handmade item you buy - Handmade products generally last for longer as they are made with lots of care and built to last. If you love them and look after them then your purchases from today can last a lifetime.


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New dates coming soon!

Isn't it soon Spring?

There's no denying it, Winter is long in Norway. Thankfully there are a few rays of golden sunshine that fill our souls with hope that Spring is on it's way.

That feeling doesn't have to be fleeting, and dependent on the weather though you know. Check out this new collection of handmade goodies and bring that glorious Springtime feeling inside your home!

Springtime 2023

Springtime 2023

Check out this new collection of handmade goodies and bring that glorious...