The handmade revival is happening now!

This is a store dedicated to delivering the very best of handmade products from local Norwegian artists and artisans. We are uniting the designers and makers of Norway in this unique sales platform, both online and in person. Whether you prefer to shop from home, whilst on the go, or at a market, Handmade in Norway makes it easy to buy directly from the makers themselves!


Love is in the air!

weather you believe in celebrating Valentines day or not it's always a good idea to celebrate those that you care for. Buying handmade gifts adds an extra level of personalisation. You have taken the time to pick out something unique, and that has been carefully crafted by a local maker.

Now that's a show of love if ever I saw one!

Be Mine...



All that sparkles is not gold, but if it's made by hand... 

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The Season for Gifting!

It's officially 'nearly' Christmas, and to kick start the season of good will and great gifting, here are some of our top tips to have you ready for the occassion.


Craft Markets

There are more markets planned for 2023, so watch this space!

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  • Art-Design-Crafts Christmas Edition at Vulkan

    Stalls with handmade products and festive workshops. Join us as we kick-start Christmas at Vulkan, Oslo.

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  • Art-Design-Crafts Christmas Edition at Vulkan

    Stalls with handmade products, festive workshops and face painting for the kids. Continue your Christmas shopping at Vulkan!

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  • Julemarked på Sæter Torg, Nordstrand Oslo

    Join us at Sæter Torg, Nordstrand for a festive feast of handmade products!

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